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THE BIG possibilities IN 2015?

Welcome to Opendoors4U a United Kingdom political & social digital archive.

The aim of this site is the provision of links to quality online sources that offer factual and informed reports and opinions relating to political issues of public interest.

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Are you interested in protecting your rights and those of your children? Are you opposed to corporate monopolies running the U.K. government? Do you believe that the National Health Service is being underfunded for the purpose of privatization? These issues and many more are being petitioned by millions concerned about a majority rather than a minority benefitting from the wealth that this nation creates. If you want to make a difference sign up free with either or both of these organisations and add your name to the petitions of your choosing. The U.K. is a democracy and needs you to keep it that way!

38 Degrees   -    Sum of Us

For those of you who hate to have been lied to by a Prime Minister who took the U.K. to war visit the Arrest Blair website to add your support


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